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The Badgers Den carries historical, fantasy, specialty gift and supplies for SCA or better known as the Society for Creative Anachronisms, LARP which stands for Live Action Role Playing, Science Fiction Conventions, Theatrical Productions, Cosplay, Renaissance Faire, Steampunk and other Re-enactment enthusiasts. We have many medieval, costuming, and gift items ranging from clothing, costumes, garb to leather products and some armor. The Badgers Den has mana energy potions, Elope hats, Goggles, Aviator Hats, Steampunk Accessories, Pirate boots, Medieval Shoes, Candles and Faux LED lighting, Bodices, Clothing,  Foam Latex Swords, Latex Ears, Leather Pouches, Leather Belts, Leather Bracers, Combat Goods, Wooden Bowls, Wooden Plates, Woodenware, Scribal supplies, costume, latex prosthetics, vampire fangs, werewolf fangs, costume contact lenses, makeup, Pans House of Horns, Bowron Sheepskins, Scrub Your Butt Soap Company, Badger Balms made by WS Badger Company and Neck Bandoo created by Blubandoo just to name a few. We offer a large selection of latex weapons from Palnatoke that we prefer to Excaliber and Forgotten dreams.  The Neck Bandoo lowers your body temperature to keep you cool when the weather is not.  The Badger s Den also offers many Lighting and outdoor lighting options including LED torches and LED candles.  Our newest addition are Mana Energy Potions!  Designed for hardcore LARP and Computer Gamers this drink is sure to fill you with the power you need to finish the job at hand.  .........