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 The Black Furies

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These ferocious defenders of the Wyld call Greece their home, though they have established a strong presence in North America over the last two centuries.  This tribe, almost entirely composed of female Garou, is renowned for its members' honor, ferocity, and attunement to the sacred.  The Furies claim that Luna, in her aspect as Artemis the Huntress, created their tribe from she-wolves and appointed them to be protectors of the Wyld, defenders of women, and punishers of men.  They uphold these duties with grim determination.


Other tribes look askance at the Furies, who give away or kill their male children.  Many outside the tribe see the Furies as man-haters, but the truth is much more complex.  Although the tribe tolerates male metis, the Furies have a definite gender bias; they believe that women share a deeper bond with Gaia than any man can know, and see themselves as aspects of the Goddess incarnate.  In her name, they Rage against any insult to women, nature or the Goddess.  They accept the Triat and the existence of the Wyrm, but when it encroaches on their territory, woe be unto it.


Black Furies maintain strong ties to ancient mysticism.  Their rites are complex and quite beautiful, and their Gifts and spirit allies reflect a primal connection to the Wyld.  Prior to any great test, a Black Fury will purify herself in a ritual bath in the open under the light of the moon, typically in a glade protected by the Furies.  This protection is taken very seriously - though the Wyrm must be fought, if the Wyld places are not protected then there will be nothing left after the last battles.  Fury Kin are protected just as righteously, and are often active in their own right working for protection of wilderness and the rights of women.


Black Furies place a high value on their honor; even their hated rivals concede that the tribe can be trusted.  Although strong in character, they are few in number and their radical stance alienates many Garou.


Attitudes towards other tribes:


Bone Gnawers: Harmless street mongrels - but they know more than they let on.  Don't judge them by their smell; they can often be helpful, just like good watchdogs.


Children of Gaia: Noble and helpful, the only bad thing you can say about them is that they don't do enough.  We are growing tired o their placatory ways, as well...the rage of Gaia will not long be delayed.


Fianna: Chauvinistic, self-centered, ill-mannered drunkards, every one of 'em.  A few of them remember Brigid and Rhiannon...but only a few.  Their women are very close to us in spirit.  If their men would only let us fight as comrades we would be a potent force against the Wyrm.


Get of Fenris: Fascist dogs!  They style themselves protectors, and claim that they are the only ones who take action.  For every step we take against the Wyrm, the Get push us two back.  They must be stopped...or euthanized like the rabid dogs they are.


Glasswalkers: They allow the Wyrm to encroach further upon the old places and try to pass it of as some kind of evolution.  They are merely servants of the destructive process which has defiled sacred place after sacred place.  Something must be done about them, and soon.


Red Talons: We are sisters with them, in many ways, for they fight just as desperate a fight.  They would make excellent allies if they could see that our battle is the same as theirs.


Shadow Lords: We have seen these manipulative, sweet-talking Lords lie and cheat their way through history.  They have never kept a promise to the Furies, and they are continually selling our people out to the highest bidder.  Do everything you can to expose them for what they are, and when in doubt, fight.


Silent Striders: They are our silent partners.  Help them in any way possible, but watch them - there is something hidden behind their closed jaws.


Silver Fangs: The Fangs still think that the accident of their birth can cause us to respect them and obey their commands.  They are wrong.  We watch these Fangs, and if any of these "heroes" interferes with our plans, we will crush them.


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How Black Furies view the Litany

Garou Shall

Not Mate
with Garou

Unions such as this bring shame and suffering. Avoid it! Though the company of a male is a natural thing to desire. There are many Kinfolk and mortal males who would be happy to mate with a Fury. Use them! Avoid male Garou.

Combat the Wyrm

Wherever It Dwells and

 Whenever It Breeds

We stand in the front line against the Wyrm. We protect Gaia and her creations. Any Fury who runs or cowers may soon find themselves gutted on Fury claws.

Respect the

Territory of Another

We respect the Territory of others, provided they tend and respect it properly.

Accept an

Honorable Surrender


We always do so. Though Garou such as the Get will never surrender to a "mere Woman"...kill them without remorse.

Submission to

Those of Higher Station


Rank means little, but Furies who lack manners may soon find themselves dead.

The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest

in Station

This is self explanatory. Do it, or re-read the Litany Law above.

Ye Shall Not Eat
the Flesh of Humans


Does this need to be said?

Respect for Those

Beneath Ye -
All Are of Gaia

All are equal in the eyes of the Mother. We ignore Rank among ourselves, other Tribes do not. Remember that.

The Veil Shall

Not Be Lifted

Pay attention. Re-read this a hundred times if you must.


Do Not Suffer Thy People

to Tend Thy Sickness


We did not add this law. Old age is a mark of greatness among us. But some fall to crippling wounds, end their cycle and return them to the Mother. (Be they Garou, Kinfolk, or Mortal)

The Leader May

Be Challenged

During Peace

Respect your leaders, if we did not have the unity of the Pack we would have fallen completely to the Patriarch long ago. If you must challenge, among sisters we do not draw each other's blood. Among outsiders...

The Leader May Not

Be Challenged

During Wartime

Nonsense, re-read the above.

Ye Shall Take No Action

That Causes a Caern

to Be Violated

Any Fury who does this will die screaming.


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