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 The Children of Gaia

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When the Wyrm claimed the hearts of the Garou, when the blood of the tribes was shed by the claws of their kin, the Children of Gaia arose to lead the Garou back to the Mother's bounty.  They lifted the Impergium, pressed for peace amongst the tribes and spread the words of Gaia's love among the lands of humans.  To the Children of Gaia, life is a gift to be savored, not a battle to be won.  They are the unifiers of the Garou, the heralds of peace.

The Children of Gaia insist that embracing violence grants the Wyrm victory by default.  Death is ever a part of life, they concede, but hatred is the gateway to the inner Wyrm, and must be avoided.  Even the Children of Gaia disagree, however, about when the time for talking ends and the time for fighting begins.  When they do choose to fight, the Children of Gaia are powerful warriors, strengthened by their commitment to the Mother.  Until then, these Garou search for a way to resolve conflicts without bloodshed, curing instead of killing.

The tribe shares a vision of Gaia as a loving, bountiful Mother, and sees the Wyrm as the denial of her love.  The Children rightly predicted that the Impergium would forever drive a wedge between humans and Garou, but the tribe seems at a loss before the coming Apocalypse.  Its leaders still wish to negotiate with the humans and enlighten them before it is too late, but even then the most optimistic Children wonder if the time for peace is past.

The Children have been given three great secrets by Gaia:

  • All creatures who partake of the bounty Gaia freely offers become loving and generous, while those who heed the Wyrm and doubt that Gaia will provide for them become fear-ridden and stingy.  Their fear and greed rule them, and drive them to acts of depravity.

  • Depravity is a powerful weapon, for it kills empathy.  The Depraved are cut off from the purest of Gaia's gifts: the connection to all life, and the simple ability to feel the joy and pain of one another.  This depravity drives animals to kill their kin, Garou to slaughter their rivals' children, and Wyrm creatures to try to destroy all life.

  • Depravity is a powerful weakness, for only in empathy can joy be found.  Those lacking empathy lack the capacity for joy, and fell its loss deep in their hearts as an unending sadness.  So they pursue idle diversions, seeking to be diverted from the sorrow in their souls.  This weakness is the key to overcoming these foes.

Rather than meet hostility with hostility, the Child of Gaia can transcend his own Rage and visit the Peace of Gaia upon his foes.  By meting hatred with understanding and compassion, the Child of Gaia can replace anger with bliss, hate with joy, and war with peace. Their Gifts heal, protect and nurture rather than harm.  They are deeply attuned to Gaia and all of Her splendor, and prefer to spend time contemplating harmony over havoc. When angered, however, they are terrible in their Rage.

The Children are not ignorant of the Wyrm's capacity for destruction - they choose to confront it in their own way.  While other Garou faced with a toxic waste dump spewing out Banes would simply kill the Banes and move on, a Child would likely arrange for a cleanup of the site to deprive the Banes of their source of strength, then track back to the source to work to change the corporation that made the mess in the first place.  The human Kin of the Children are deeply enmeshed in politics, religion and education, working to educate and enlighten humanity in hopes of averting or at least diverting the Apocalypse.

Other Garou grant the Children of Gaia a grudging respect.  Children are known as honorable peacekeepers, if a little soft in the head.  They have proved right in the past, much to their rivals' annoyance, and radiate a deep faith in the Mother's love. 


Attitudes towards other tribes:

Black Furies: The fair Furies are worthy allies.  Despite their quick tempers, they come close to understanding the world's desperate need for healing.

Bone Gnawers: Our often overlooked brothers have good hearts, and much to offer.

Fianna: These singers are warm-hearted companions, and generous with their spirits.

Get of Fenris: Their hair-trigger tempers serve only the Wyrm. We must find a way to reach them before they drag us all down.

Glass Walkers: We have much to learn from these fascinating companions.  Their fearless adaptation to the terror of the cities shows us more about the potential of the Garou than we ever knew.

Red Talons: These much-maligned fighters are daring, spontaneous folk, and as they are not skilled in dissembling, are often refreshingly honest.

Shadow Lords: Ambitions, ruthless, and prone to destructive infighting, these warriors must be closely watched.  We should help any faction that promotes inter-tribal unity, because their war against the Silver Fangs could doom us all.

Silent Striders: Good companions, and one of the few tribes who properly understand the peace and power of a quiet walk under the stars.

Silver Fangs: A danger.  Possibly the greatest threat to unity because of their incredible power and ebbing sanity.  Our greatest challenge could come not from the Wyrm, not from the Get of Fenris, but from the obstruction to the leaders of all Garou.


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How they view the Litany

Garou Shall

Not Mate
with Garou

Our tribe supports Garou sex. Consensual love is beautiful, regardless. It is not our fault that the other tribes view sex as a "filthy act" or that we are "hedonistic". With these accusations, they show their own ignorance and refuse to accept what comes naturally. Our tribe interprets this litany law literally. Mating is not sex. Why is it that humans can have sex responsibly and have loving marriages or relationships that will never produce offspring...but we Garou are "supposed" to do without. Are we so ignorant that we cannot use a simple pill or piece of rubber? One would think we were, if you judged by the other tribe's laws.

Combat the Wyrm

Wherever It Dwells and

 Whenever It Breeds

We are Children of Gaia, the Wyrm seeks to kill our Mother. We always combat the Wyrm wherever it dwells. But, wherever it breeds...ask other Garou where it breeds. You will get much huff and anger...but listen to the answer. They do not know. The Wyrm breeds in the hearts of all. Hated, anger, shame, fear, all these things are spawning pools of the Wyrm. Promoting peace and love is combating the Wyrm wherever it breeds.

Respect the

Territory of Another

Politics. All are welcome at our caerns but rarely are we welcome at other caerns. Our protectorate is humanity, all of it. We are Children of Gaia, all that Gaia gave to us in her infinite love is ours to enjoy. The other tribes have but to acknowledge they to are in fact Children of Gaia and not some fractured sub-group and they to would find the peace they seek.

Accept an

Honorable Surrender


This says it all. If you are asked for mercy, grant it. Gaia loves all creatures, and do we not love Gaia? Nothing ever is beyond Gaia's grace, nothing.

Submission to

Those of Higher Station


We should all share of Gaia's bounty. If the leader does not know enough to share their kills with all.....remember you can always challenge for Leadership.

The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest

in Station

We should all share of Gaia's bounty. If the leader does not know enough to share their kills with all.....remember you can always challenge for Leadership.

Ye Shall Not Eat
the Flesh of Humans

Cannibalism leads to the Wyrm. We do not eat of Wolf, Garou or Human. All are part of our blood.

Respect for Those

Beneath Ye -
All Are of Gaia

This is our most sacred law. Heed it well. None are beneath us, none are above us. We are all of Gaia.

The Veil Shall

Not Be Lifted

We have a weak veil. Our curse and our blessing. Humans are not that far away from Gaia, when you have the power use our ability to Part the Velvet Curtain to show them what the Weaver and Wyrm have done to their Mother.

 Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend

Thy Sickness

We tend to sickness from choice. In days long past, we could not care form them. Now we can.

The Leader May

Be Challenged

During Peace

We prefer to talk and debate than to rip and tear. But strong leadership is important, and we often must lead others to Gaia. Too bad most others only understand "rip and tear". Keep yourself strong.

The Leader May Not

Be Challenged

During Wartime

Discuss and debate before the time of action comes. But once set upon a course, never be a dissenting or fractioning influence. Before the battle is the time to dissagree, but once engaged we must all do our part to win at any cost.

Ye Shall Take No Action

That Causes a Caern

to Be Violated

Nothing more needs to be said.


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