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 The Fianna

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The Fianna claim to be the second Tribe, after the Silver Fangs. It is said that the first Fianna was the first Garou to sing, the first to howl her joy into the air, the first to give in to her passions and breathe beauty into the world. While other Tribes may dispute this claim, they rarely do so to the face of a Fianna.

The Fianna are a moody lot. While other Tribes have an overall mood, the Fianna seem to embrace all moods. The Get of Fenris rage against their place in the world, and the Bone Gnawers brood over their lot in life, but the Fianna throw themselves into both extremes, often within seconds of each other. Fianna love deeply, and hold grudges beyond their deaths, and suck more marrow out of life than most people can even imagine.

While most Fianna come from Ireland or Scotland, others do come from other Celtic groups in Europe. Romania, Spain, anywhere that the Celts roamed is home to the Fianna. But most Fianna look to Ireland as their spiritual homeland.

The Fianna once shared Ireland with the White Howlers, until that tribe was destroyed by the Wyrm. The White Howlers followed the Wyrm into the bowels of the Earth, fighting it into its lair. No one knows exactly what happened to them down there, but those that came back were foul travesties of Garou. They had become the Black Spiral Dancers, monstrosities serving the Wyrm. These days, Fianna will proudly trace part of their lineages to White Howler families. They will drink a beer and weep bitter tears at their cousins' fates. And they will put aside decade old grudges to join each other in hunting down a Black Spiral Dancer and erasing its hateful visage from the Earth.  Other creatures of the Wyrm suffer the same doom - the Fianna will take the battle to the Wyrm more vigorously than any other tribe.

The Fianna have a deep connection to the Fey. In the past, Faerie and Fianna intermarried, and many a Fianna can claim direct descent from the Tuatha de Danaan. But these days, the connection is more spiritual than lineal. Few Garou can honestly claim to have met a Faerie, and fewer still have spoken with one. But the Fianna keep their memory alive, out of a sense of respect and obligation, and in the hopes that some day the Fey will return to Earth.

Among the Garou, the Fianna have the closest ties to their Kinfolk. While most Tribes try to hide their Garou heritage from their relatives, the Fianna are fairly open about it with theirs. This provides the Fianna with a secure foundation from which to battle the Wyrm. Kinfolk ensure that their feckless Garou cousins always have a job available. They comfort them and bring them out of the depths of Harano. And they proudly talk of them after their heroic deaths.

On the other hand, this close tie with their Kinfolk can also place the Fianna in a precarious position. Looking too closely into the Garou flame can cause Kinfolk to turn to the Wyrm in order to match that flame. Love of their Kinfolk can be used to pressure a Fianna into unwise courses of action. And the loss of a beloved relative can depress a Garou unto suicide.


Attitudes towards other tribes:

Black Furies: They take pride in themselves and their past. But they don't recognize that women and men are just two sides of the same joyful coin.

Bone Gnawers: They do not deserve their infamy. They understand loyalty, and will sacrifice themselves for a packmate without a second thought. They somehow find Gaia's kindness in the wasteland of the Weaver.

Children of Gaia: A little too harmonious. They don't realize that arguing and fighting make you strong. But they understand love, almost as much as we do.

Get of Fenris: Good drinkers, and some of them can tell a good story. But collectively, they are a sick sado-masochistic macho lot. They can't properly understand what is worth fighting for - they just love fighting for its own sake.

Glass Walkers: They use the Weaver to line their own pockets. They've made the cities their own in a way that is suspicious and disturbing. Capitalists to the end, they'll sell their own mother.

Red Talons: Unlike other Tribes, the Fianna respect their Lupus brothers, which is why we can so keenly feel the Red Talons' pain. But killing all the humans won't bring their dead Kinfolk back.

Shadow Lords: A bunch of foolish back-stabbers. They think power is the way to fight the Wyrm, and they'll not only sell their own mothers for power, they'll throw in a sister or two to seal the bargain. Don't trust them.

Silent Striders: Definitely share a drink and a story with these guys, but watch your wallet. They poke into all sorts of things they shouldn't and they ask all sorts of strange questions. Sometimes they'll share some of what they know, and sometimes you'll realize they've swiped the tattoo off your arse.

Silver Fangs: They know their history, they appreciate their families, and they've led us into some mighty fine stories in the past. But maybe their sun is setting, and it's time they got off their thrones.


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How they view the Litany

Garou Shall

Not Mate
with Garou

We Fianna work towards physical perfection. It is our duty to serve Gaia in the best physical condition possible. Metis can never achieve perfection. When you feel the blood pulsing and the passion rising...find a Kinfolk. Else you will suffer the scorn of a Tribe. Would you shame your ancestors so?

Combat the Wyrm

Wherever It Dwells and

 Whenever It Breeds

The Wyrm created Fomor to destroy us, and failed. The Wyrm struck at our hearts by corrupting our brother Tribe, and we stood strong. Now we return the favor to the Wyrm in one simple philosophy...No mercy to the Wyrm, not ever.

Respect the

Territory of Another

Our lands give us strength. Our lands is the blessing of our Mother. If it is another's land, give them their due....but take care of your own land first. Stag is Gaia's husband, we are chosen of Stag. Just as he protects and cares for Gaia so must we.

Accept an

Honorable Surrender


Celts do not fight Celts to death unless we must. We have long granted this boon to any other who surrenders with honor. An honorable foe whom you defeat should be treated with courtesy. Buy them a drink, we've made more friends this way than any other. Besides, the drink takes the sting out of getting beaten.

Submission to

Those of Higher Station


Respect your leaders...only as far as they've earned. If nothing else, give them cold courtesy and nothing more. As for submitting...well...nobody is to high and mighty that they are beyond the occasional "thoughtful commentary" on their faults.

The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest

in Station

We traditionally give the first part to the slayer...but your elders may just beat the heck out of ye if you're too enthusiastic. Wait for it, then is they offer it to another...remember that insult and act accordingly. We Fianna are fun to be around when we are accorded the respect we deserve....and a holy terror if insulted.

Ye Shall Not Eat
the Flesh of Humans

Yuck. You'd have to be Wyrm daft and stupid to eat man-flesh. Surely you've killed a human before in battle and tasted that foul blood on your snout? Hell I remember wiping it off as fast as I could. If the blood tastes that foul, what would the entire hide reek of? Makes me gag just thinking about it. Besides, we'll kill you if you get to start eating man-flesh.

Respect for Those

Beneath Ye -
All Are of Gaia

Life is a cycle, especially for us Garou. Lord Stag lives, grows, and dies so that his blood renews Gaia. Just as our Totem Father does so do we. Death is only a minor inconvenience to we Fianna...we'll be back. The Cycle of Life is forever. So remember that when you deal with others, when you're gone they are the ones who sing your stories.

The Veil Shall

Not Be Lifted

We are open to our Kinfolk. I would say that only the Bone Gnawers or Children of Gaia love their kinfolk more than we. However, if you are too stupid to realize when you are endangering the Veil, we'll gut you ourselves and hang your dumb carcass from the closest Pine. Don't forget that.

 Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend

Thy Sickness

We are all Warriors. When it's a warrior's time to go...go! Like I said before, you'll be back soon so what's the worry? Of course, our Theurges and Galliards must live on until their wisdom gets passed. But as for the rest of our Auspices...heh heh...a blazing finish to a lifetime makes for a great ending to your legend.

The Leader May

Be Challenged

During Peace

If we are to win, we must have strong leaders. But he who wins challenges instead of winning renown gains no respect...only hollow positions which we will probably ignore anyway. Leaders must lead! If they can't, then boot them out.

The Leader May Not

Be Challenged

During Wartime

In war, follow without question. Unity is strength when in battle. When the danger is over, oust the incompetent and useless leaders, but when the heat of battle rages then the course of action chosen guides the claws of all. If the leader dies, then you had best have already established the successor.

Ye Shall Take No Action

That Causes a Caern

to Be Violated

We Fianna defend our lands. We defend our Mother. Death will be what the filthy dog screams for if we ever catch a Caern Defiler. Enough talk, just thinking about this pisses me off.


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