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 The Get of Fenrir

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 The mission set before us by Great Fenris is not easy, nor should it be. We have made our lives into a conquest of any tribe too weak to stop us, and our brutal ways have made us strong. While other tribes ran and hid, we always stood ready to face the enemies of Gaia, and we have watched those enemies fall. We have challenged all of the other tribes, and we have seen the ones that are weak: the Wendigo, the Black Spiral Dancers, the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers. They fear us because we are strong. They accuse us of brutality because they are unprepared for the challenges we set before them, because we alone refuse to hide from combat when the time comes for bloodshed.

The other tribes claim that we are mindless killing machines, but they spend too much time scheming in dark rooms and trying to sneak past the Wyrm instead of simply tearing Jormangundr's putrid heart from his chest! The Warriors of Gaia must never be weak. Even as we long for peace we must call for war. Let the other tribes play their foolish political games, let them thrive like cockroaches in the hearts of the Scabs, growing soft because they no longer understand the need to hunt and to kill. Let them breed with weaker races and raise their young as "civilized people". In the end they will understand that we are right, that there can be no peace without sacrifice, that there can be no pleasure without pain.

We lead them in battle and they will follow us as they always have,, fearing the threats we know are commonplace because they have never sought the Wyrm in its own foul nest.

We will bring war to them. We will call them forth for Ragnarok and show them the ways of combat. We will watch them run and hide, fearing their worthless hides while we bathe in the blood of the Wyrm and feast on the entrails of Jormangundr's followers. Those few who are worthy will fight with us, and we will accept them as family. Those who die a coward's death shall lay unburied in the fields of battle, reviled and despised as weaklings.

Ragnarok is upon us, and the time for friendship is past. Those who would flee from us must be destroyed, for surely they would fall to Jormangundr's wiles. Those that would fight us must be taught the error of their ways, and those who ignore us must be made to remember that we are here, no matter the cost. Those who would be our leaders must prove themselves in honorable combat.

Have no fear of death, for beyond death there is Valhalla. Valhalla, where Fenris waits for us, calling to his Get and sharpening the weapons that will help us in the final conflict. For each of us that falls, Ragnarok comes one moment closer. Do not fear Ragnarok. Instead, prepare for it. Know that Ragnarok is your destiny and the final time when Jormangundr will fall before our might.

The Get are divided; they fight amongst themselves as well amongst other Garou. Some demand the Impergium be brought back; some have even started enforcing it again. That is the first sign of Ragnarok. The metis population among Garou increases. Perhaps this increase is brought about by too long a time away from Kinfolk and too much time with packs of mixed heritage. This too is a sign of Ragnarok. The Garou must fight greater odds than ever before, and they must fight Pentex, the greatest whore to capitalism that has ever existed. These too are signs. So far the Get of Fenris is concerned, Ragnarok is coming.


Attitudes towards other tribes:

Black Furies: The Furies are a proud tribe, and they have accomplished many feats of which they should be proud. They fight almost as well as men, and they base their lives upon the pursuit of Gaia's happiness. But they are confused. They fight against us when they should submit to us. There is no honor in denying the rights of men to rule over women. Women need the leadership of men to keep them strong in these last days. We have battled the Furies many times in the past, and I suspect we shall continue to struggle against them.

Bone Gnawers: There is a rumor that the Gnawers once had Garou stock. These days, they mate with dogs. That does not say much for their heritage, and it says even less for their character. If there were no humans available, would they mate with gorillas? Then again, if they mated with gorillas, perhaps they would have backbones. I Understand they lay claim to several members who once where among the Get of Fenris: I do not believe that nameless outcasts qualify for any other tribe. They may have them. I have never seen a more cowardly lot in my life, and I would sooner see them slaughtered then sit by and watch them mate with the Wyrm. They have no pride, no honor, and no common sense.

Children of Gaia: They still insist on peace, when the final days are here. I understand what the Children of Gaia are after, but I do not believe all of tribes can be united until they finally realize that we are right, and that, with the Apocalypse so close at hand, few others could even hope to lead the 13 tribes as well as we can. But they cry for peace and insist that we allow the humans to take what they need and do as they please, though it is obviously the humans who need to be culled back the most. If the time for peace is ever going to come, the war must be taken care of first.

Fianna: Why can't the Fianna understand that songs are only a small part of our great heritage? They sing, they drink, they fight and they mate. All the while, the Black Spiral Dancers breathe down their necks and we must constantly protect them from the threat of the Wyrm~Garou. Surely we could just let them die, but the Isles are part of our heritage, too, and must be defended. The time for harps is long past. Let them taste the savagery and pleasure of war. Then they shall be worthy to fight alongside us.

Glass Walkers: As best I can figure, the Glass Walkers believe in fighting fire with fire. They believe that by conquering the cities, they can somehow make the cities a part of nature again. This is stupidity. They stare into the Wyrm's mouth and call for bargains and business proposals. The Glass Walkers are only steps away from a merger with Pentex. If that should happen, they will be destroyed. We have our sacred duties to perform, and if those duties require us to kill the Glass Walkers before they can join with the Black Spiral Dancers, then that is what we shall do. There is no excuse for worshipping the Scabs. The only difference between the Glass Walkers and the Gnawers is that the Gnawers are more honest about their self-serving ways.

Red Talons: The Talons are powerful warriors, and worthy of our respect. It saddens me to think that we must eventually sing their funeral dirge, for they are surely the least in number of all the tribes, and the most set in their ways. Still, I believe they could make a difference, if only the Concord were not in their way. Acknowledge that the Talons are our allies, and help them when you can, but know that they are secondary to us. They are too stubborn and foolish to realize that if they would simply join forces with us, we could rule the 13 tribes with ease.

Shadow Lords: Do not trust the Lords, for they are back-stabbers and moneylenders. There are many among the Get who claim that the Shadow Lords will offer aid only if there will be a greater profit for themselves in the long run. Be wary of the Lords; always remember that they would sooner see you dead and buried than allow you the right to speak your mind. They would battle the Wyrm with words, while they manipulate others to do their fighting for them. Beneath their pompous airs and manipulative schemes, the Shadow Lords are cowards. The Get of Fenris have no need for cowardly allies.

Silent Striders: The Striders came from the deserts and bear many features in common with the jackal. They are wanderers and vagabonds, and almost as solitary as the ronin. What is it they seek? What is it they run from? I do not feel that they can be trusted. Fight with them, but do not live with them. They come from all races of humans, and they are indiscriminate in their mating habits. How can they be trusted when they have no true heritage?

Silver Fangs: The Silver Fangs were once almost as great as we are, but they no longer recognize the urgency of the war. Do as the Fangs request, for only by watching them carefully can we determine when they are no longer fit to rule the tribes. They have attempted to lead the humans over the centuries, and we can see how poorly they have handled that situation. Watch them carefully, for the Silver Fangs are going mad, and must not be allowed to bring us to our knees. The Garou deserve better. Many of the Get in Europe do not see the Silver Fangs are insane. They want only to believe that the Fangs are their natural leaders. Do not fall into this pit of folly. The Get must be the one who lead the Garou. Let the Fangs play their tricks with the humans and leave the Get to handle the war that must be fought. We shall follow the Silver Fangs, we shall listen to their commands and obey their orders for now. But we will make certain that they do not lead us to the Wyrm.


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How they view the Litany

Garou Shall

Not Mate
with Garou

Do not litter your own den, especially in such a vulgar way. There are enough metis already, but worse still, you bring shame upon our tribe by showing that you cannot control your lust.

Despite what others believe, we do not take liberties with the weaker female Garou we conquer. There is no honor in such actions, only degradation to both parties. One Black Fury claimed that she had been raped by a Get, and when her claim was proved, she was permitted to take from the rapist the offending weapon. Do not attempt to find loopholes within the Litany.

The standard punishment for breaching this part of the Litany is to raise the child and teach him or her the ways of the Get. You must care for your children in all cases, for even a metis have the right to a family. If you choose not to care for your child, or if your child should accidentally come to harm, then you must dispose of the evidence in the old ways. You must consume the flesh of your offspring, allowing the child to live within you forever. That is the formal punishment for mating with your own family and causing harm to your own flesh.

Combat the Wyrm

Wherever It Dwells and

 Whenever It Breeds

Do not suffer a Wyrmling to live. Every creature that is touched by the Wyrm has the potential to create more like itself. Destroy them. If you find a nest of Wyrmlings, make certain the creatures and their nest are destroyed. Cleanse the land of the Wyrm's foul taint, or find someone who can. Never flee from a Wyrmling, no matter how powerful. Better to die a hero than to live a coward, for Fenris does not forgive. Nor do his Get.

Respect the

Territory of Another

If you find a place that suits your needs, and that you can defeat the owner of this territory in a rightful combat, then, and only then, may you claim the land as your own. These challenges must be made publicly, and should your opponent refuse you the right of challenge, you may not retaliate. We do not want only kill our own kind over a few feet of land. We must not waste the blood of the other Garou.

Accept an

Honorable Surrender


If your opponent has called for first blood, you may let him live. If he has called you for a life-duel, you are honor bound to kill him, regardless of his pleas. This is our way. Know also that honorable surrender is impossible for those without honor. Kill all Wyrmlings, even if formally challenged. In wartime, and against the Wyrm's minions, this rule does not hold.

Submission to

Those of Higher Station


Never question a war leader's commands. Never insult those of higher rank, unless you are willing to suffer the consequences.

The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest

in Station

Give the elders their due, or they will kill you. Do not take this lightly. It has been known that pups have been torn limb from limb for their stupidity.

Ye Shall Not Eat
the Flesh of Humans

The blood-lust is great within the Get of Fenris, and this may be overlooked from time to time. Do not, however, leave any sign of human consumption.

Respect for Those

Beneath Ye -
All Are of Gaia

All are beneath us. Do not play with your food, and do not kill without just reason. You may test other Garou, for that is one part of our duty, but you must not insult the other tribes without justifiable provocation. Do not falsely accuse another of a crime; this is not the honorable way to provoke confrontation. You may certainly challenge the heritage of another, but know the facts before you make a challenge.

The Get of Fenris are the followers of Fenris. We do not turn away from a fight. Ever. If a Garou insults your heritage and the insult is not just, rip flesh and drink deep of your enemy's blood. That is our way. But never turn from the true enemy to settle an insult argument - if the Wyrm is near, kill the Wyrmling first, and then destroy the bastard who insulted you.

The Veil Shall

Not Be Lifted

If the humans see you change, you must stalk them and destroy them. You must leave no evidence. Be aware of your surroundings, and avoid changing shapes in public places. If the Crinos is your only resort, make certain that any witnesses never have the chance to speak of the matter.

 Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend

Thy Sickness

There are three honorable ways in which to grow old. You may barter with pups for food and care in exchange for wisdom. You may challenge your Jarl, knowing that you cannot win, and pray that he is merciful. You may fight the Wyrm until you fall in battle. Suicide is not acceptable, and brings dishonor to you and your tribe

The Leader May

Be Challenged

During Peace

You may only challenge for leadership during formal moots. You may challenge for renown at any time of peace.

The Leader May Not

Be Challenged

During Wartime

Unless your leader is grossly incompetent, and you can prove the accusation, do not argue during war or combat. Obey this rule at all times.

Ye Shall Take No Action

That Causes a Caern

to Be Violated

There is no forgiveness. You will be destroyed. Your name will be unsung, and your deeds shall be unremembered. Your kinfolk will know only shame.


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