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 The Shadowlords

About Them  | Attitudes towards other Tribes  | How they view the Litany

 Wolves are creatures of dominance and submission, mastery and servitude. The Shadow Lords take this quite literally and strive to master all they survey. Shadow lords see the Garou as the ultimate life form on the planet. Therefore, the Garou are the obvious rulers. Furthermore, as far as they're concerned, there is no tribe greater than the Shadow Lords. With that in mind, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the tribe's agenda. In the end, the only thing the Shadow Lords respect from Garou of other tribes is power. Even so, they are always ready to displace their rivals at the slightest sign of weakness.

Though some argue that knowing too well the lures and seductions of the Wyrm beats a quick path to corruption, the Shadow Lords cultivate a unique perspective on the Wyrm that few Garou share. After all, how better to understand its method and madness than to skirt around its edges, learning its scent? Experience not withstanding, the Shadow Lords recognize the enemy's face and understand is intentions better than most Garou - a strength of immeasurable value when resources are slight. Moreover, from their insights stem truly terrifying Shadow Lord Gifts. However, the Shadow Lords must be careful not to drink too deeply of the Urges, lest their dark strengths can become their greatest weaknesses. Their pride and arrogance is easily warped by the Wyrm into full-blown megalomania.

The Shadow Lords boast a chain of command that would make any corporate division proud. No member is ignorant of his position, power, or more importantly, responsibilities. At the lower end, eager young pups stand ready to fill any vacancy that opens up in the ranks, including vacancies that they sometimes create. Those already in positions of power are constantly on guard against capable upstarts. All in all, the Shadow Lord drive for dominance creates a constant current of change and uncertainty, as those in power inevitably miss a step sooner or later and are brought down. The Shadow Lords' believe in the right to rule through outmaneuvering, outgunning, overpowering, backstabbing and/or assassination - and the right to keep a position in the same ways.

It is the custom among them to undergo a tribe/pack Rite of Passage beyond that normally instituted by the Sept. Such ordeals are usually designed by the alpha of the pack to put the young Garou in a compromising situation in effort to acquaint him or her with the darker emotions of desperation.

When it comes to dealing with the Wyrm, the Shadow Lords use deception and trickery first, only putting themselves in physical harm when it seems that all other options have been expended. This strategy allows them to develop and maintain some indirect relationships with those elements that are close to the vampire and Black Spiral Dancer communities, manipulating them so that they may encourage the Wyrm's resources to destroy itself. They also possess a more intimate knowledge of Wyrm spirits and Banes and are usually best at noticing and tracking their scent. However, when Shadow Lords do resort to direct confrontation, they tend to organize very complete and deadly raids, designed to leave little trace of their involvement (which helps them maintain their contacts for future use)

No tribe or pack controls their families as strictly as the Shadow Lords. Though their brutal treatment of Kinfolk at times has raised the attentions of other tribal leaders, the Shadow Lords have maintained (albeit it not well received) obedience and submission. Problem elements within the family are quickly subdued most often through physical or social means. It is well known that the Shadow Lords have been trying for many years to produce as many offspring as possible. To this end, as soon as Shadow Lord Kinfolk become fertile, they are arranged to mate with members of the tribe.


Attitudes towards other tribes:

Black Furies: There is something respectable in their taking control of their lives and making their world as they wish it to be. Their politics, however, can be used against them all too easily. One could argue that their gender bias against men is not practical in this twilight time before the Apocalypse.

Bone Gnawers: We have little respect for Garou who cannot stand by their Sept mates when things begin to go afoul. Though they are indeed survivors, they tend to appreciate helping humans before helping Garou. It is difficult to reckon on an individual basis whether their concern for others is genuine or a cover for lack of accountability.

Children of Gaia: Action through inaction. Do not underestimate these Garou, for their agendas are just as ambitious as any you'll find. However, none are so pitiful to see fall to Harano - a Child of Gaia without hope is an irrecoverable soul.

Fianna: Their passion and history is rich and none are so close to the Fey. Outside of their own, they are often remarkably open-minded. But they hide their fiery tempers poorly, especially from each other.

Get of Fenris: Of all the tribes, none are so single minded of purpose and adherent to their honor as the Get. But all too frequently, they put their own ideals against those of the Sept. But once set upon a task, they will not stop until it is completed.

Glass Walkers: As foreign to most Garou as the easterns are to the western world, these Garou understand that to overcome one must learn to adapt to the situation at hand. There just might be something in their obsession with the Weaver, too.

Red Talons: Mysterious and alien, these lupus Garou seek not the trappings of human society. They do not speak loudly against Eating The Flesh Of Humans, either. But territory...that is a subject very close to their feral hearts.

Silent Striders: Unreliable and vapid, but occasionally wise when it counts, the Garou of this tribe are never satisfied to establish a domain of their own. It is both a blessing and curse to have no roots - trusted by few but beholding to no one.

Silver Fangs: Arrogance defined. Much like the British royal family, their inbreeding is to blame for the myriad of genetically based quirks they exhibit. However, their efforts to rally Garou into action can carry a persuasive momentum. Those who have earned their nobility, however, are strong Garou, indeed. It is not so much ambition of power they desire - they crave the regard of their fellow Garou most of all.


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How they view the Litany

Garou Shall

Not Mate
with Garou

To breed with a Garou is not our way, many try to justify it, it is still wrong. The Metis are the victims. That is how we prosecute the other tribes.

Combat the Wyrm

Wherever It Dwells and

 Whenever It Breeds

We hold true to this, but also remember that physical confrontation does not a war make. We have learned that to be better in battle, information is the key, information is power!

Respect the

Territory of Another

This is a weakness in the times we now live in.  The traditions of  howls only tell our enemy's where we are, nothing more. But to ignore it is not a breech of the Litany, for any scholar of  history will tell how many times we have saved a Sept with but this simple error of etiquette.

Accept an

Honorable Surrender


If only the Silver Fangs and the other Garou, could just listen to reason and negotiate. The needless death would stop, and we could kill our enemies more efficiently..   But it is not what you do that makes your enemy fear you, it is what you say.

Submission to

Those of Higher Station


If they are a weak leader, question them at every turn.  If they are a strong leader, obey without question.

The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest

in Station

Those of greatest in station are not always the ones in charge. If your leader is weak then the greatest must take it from him or face breaking the Litany.

Ye Shall Not Eat
the Flesh of Humans

In short, DON'T. It leads others to investigate our actions, we have no wish to have our secrets reviled.

Respect for Those

Beneath Ye -
All Are of Gaia

We have developed more civilized methods of dealing with surrender; covert methods of warfare and diplomacy.  Never use claws where a knife in the throat would suffice; never use a knife where words would do.  Conservation of resources is the mark of a true warrior.

The Veil Shall

Not Be Lifted

A world wide shadow campaign is in full effect to find violators of this to be dealt with.

 Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend

Thy Sickness

With this said, why are the diseases of our race still amongst us.  All Silver Fangs are a violation of the Litany by this law.  Why do we allow them to cause us to suffer?

The Leader May

Be Challenged

During Peace

This part of the Litany should never come to question.  If a leader is not at war against the Wyrm then he is weak and should be questioned and replaced.

The Leader May Not

Be Challenged

During Wartime

If a leader is at war, then he is strong or will die soon. Support a strong leader and make him you ally. Even if he is not a Shadow Lord, respect strength. Oh yes...the era of equality. If he...or SHE is not a Shadow Lord...respect strength.

Ye Shall Take No Action

That Causes a Caern

to Be Violated

Do what ever it takes to make our caerns safe, any garou of any tribe that does not will face the full fury of a Shadow Lord court.


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