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 The Silver Fangs

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 It t is said that all Garou were Silver Fangs in the beginning. If one were to take the single best quality from each of the tribes and bring them together in a Garou, that Garou would be a Silver Fang. While many would contest this, none can deny that the Silver Fangs, more so than any other tribe, have been the rallying point, the leaders and court of last resort for the Garou race. The palpable charisma and confidence they exude has made them obvious leaders among Garou.

These noble Garou are known for their physical beauty, courage, wisdom, and honor. They tend to be very socially apt and a employ a wide variety of skills and gifts. Sadly, in recent generation many members of this tribe suffer from odd quirks - absent-mindedness, mild hallucinations, somnambulism - nothing overtly dangerous in and of itself, but noticeable nonetheless. The noble history of the tribe lays a heavy burden on the shoulders of its members, as many doddering old fools are too proud to ask for help. Still, those who mock the Silver Fang never do so to their faces.

Though the Silver Fangs espouse the superiority of the Garou, they consider meditation, not slaughter, to be their sacred duty. When their ire is raised, however, the Silver Fang shed blood as eagerly as the Get of Fenris. Silver Fangs lead by example. By exemplifying the most noble Garou traits - wisdom, courage, and honor - they inspire those around them to act likewise. The Silver Fang history is replete with heroism.

While certainly it is fair to label the Silver Fang as proud and at times snobbish, they view their leadership in Garou society as a service their ancestors have charged them to uphold. Their nobility is as much if not more an honor than a birthright.  Fiercely loyal to each other, the Silver Fang view themselves very much as a venerable household, bearers of centuries of tradition among Garou society. Although learning how to be an effective leader is an expectation, the Silver Fang, when challenged are quick to aid and support one another without hesitation. The occasions when a Silver Fang must choose between loyalty to their tribe versus to their pack can become the source of longtime feuds between Garou. Such rifts, are rarely displayed in public however, since the discord sown often does more harm than good.

Though not nearly so bonded together by familial bonds as with the Fianna, the Kinfolk of the Silver Fang enjoy reasonable relations. Quite often Silver Fang Kinfolk parents will attempt to vie for the good graces of their Garou cousins so that their daughters and sons will be perceived as worthy spouses. This has led to a fair amount of politics among the Kinfolk, at times resembling the political atmosphere of the Elizabethan court. It is a continuing problem for which the Silver Fang have yet to find a desirable solution.

The Silver Fang often are the first to organize efforts against the Wyrm, trying to make best use of resources and public momentum, often appealing to the Garou sense of immediate action. Even in situations where rushing in is clearly undesirable, the Silver Fangs tend to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. And if their plans needs to be held back a bit, they will be in a better position to put the brakes on if they are the acknowledged leaders of the efforts. The Silver Fangs have no inherent strength against Wyrm spirits, but what they potentially lack in knowledge of the enemy, they make up for by being able to call upon distributed resources of the Silver Fangs' individual packs.

It is the Rite of Passage among the Silver Fang to welcome those of their tribe as brothers and sisters in a private banquet ceremony held in the new Cliath's honor. At such occasions, one is expected to recount one's lineage (by giving the name and title of their ancestors, complete with heroic anecdotes) as far back as it can be confirmed. First the new members begin, followed by the next highest ranking, and so forth until the Elder of the tribe finishes the evening. It is an old tradition that serves to give their ancestors the respect the Silver Fang feel is due. Though the tradition has critics among the other tribes, the Silver Fang nonetheless find the heroic tales of their ancestors so inspiring that they look to the next Rite of Passage banquet with an infectious anticipation and excitement.


Attitudes towards other tribes:

Black Furies: One of the many splintered viewpoints among the tribes. At least their separatist attitude stops at gender.

Bone Gnawers: Of all Garou the Bone Gnawers show the least respect for the noble traditions of our collective ancestry. But amongst themselves, they are very loyal. A paradox, to be sure.

Children of Gaia: Every leadership needs diplomacy, at which the Children of Gaia seem to excel.

Fianna: A fine example of a rich heritage that is well-appreciated. There is more to the Fianna than their families, however. They understand more at times about how the Umbra works than they do about the mundane world.

Get of Fenris: The sword of Gaia. When their honor does not dictate otherwise, these Garou respect the chain of command better than most. When they choose to break ranks, there is little to convince them otherwise. Though they should not be treated as a tool, well-directed, they are among the most effective battle resources.

Glass Walkers:  They are...a different breed among us. Their traditions are based upon entirely different values. One wonders what keeps them fighting for Gaia when the Weaver's temptations seem so prevalent in them.

Red Talons: Difficult to govern, but their motives are well understood. Give them the territory they seek and they will respect yours.

Shadow Lords: Shameful and backstabbing, these Garou have lost sight of their honor. Though they have method and usually have Gaia's interests at heart, their dalliance with Wyrm things puts them in a position to be tempted. However, none understand the enemy so well as they.

Silent Strider: No Garou have so little in common with the Silver Fangs as the Silent Striders. Nomads, rootless, and serving no ancestors, they are the paradox among wolves and men. Do not expect their fealty to the Sept.


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How they view the Litany

Garou Shall

Not Mate
with Garou


Combat the Wyrm

Wherever It Dwells and

 Whenever It Breeds


Respect the

Territory of Another


Accept an

Honorable Surrender



Submission to

Those of Higher Station



The First Share of the

Kill for the Greatest

in Station


Ye Shall Not Eat
the Flesh of Humans


Respect for Those

Beneath Ye -
All Are of Gaia


The Veil Shall

Not Be Lifted


 Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend

Thy Sickness


The Leader May

Be Challenged

During Peace


The Leader May Not

Be Challenged

During Wartime


Ye Shall Take No Action

That Causes a Caern

to Be Violated



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