Il Papa


Bob An interesting name for a girl, but Bob it was.  She grew up in a large Phookik family, always figuratively and literally in the middle of things.  She is a middle child and a twin, her brother's name being Bren. They grew up under the watchful eye of their older siblings, Henery and Barrow and of course Mama, the matriarch of their family.  Bob never knew her father but that didn't matter; she had Mama.

Growing up in the Unseelie court was dangerous but very educational.  She and Bren learned early on the best way to survive was to be useful. So when mama began teaching her alchemy and Bren traps she realized that they together were a wonderful team.  It didn't much matter that she was often the victim of Bren's new ideas and traps because mama would always fix it.

Once their special brother came along it was even easier to fix the problems that Bren would cause.  Of course, when her mixtures went awry and Bren would turn awful shades of purple or green that was fixed too.

But there was an extra part to Bob.  She was the eldest daughter.  Henerey was the eldest child and therefore would watch over them in the world, but she was the oldest female. Mama didn't put much stock in males.  She would take Bob on special outings and talk to her at length about what is was to be female and what it would take to make sure the family survived.

As Mama was very talented, she was often called before the court to procure an item or perform a service.  Many of these requests would come late at night when the rest of the family was fast asleep.  But often Mama would quietly wake Bob and take her along, sometimes openly, sometimes in secret.  Because you see, Bob is very good at being invisible when she wants to be.

Either way, standing beside her mother in court or hiding in the corner observing, she got to see what really made the world go around . Power.

What an intriguing thing. Power . It rolled off the tongue in such an interesting way.  She didn't want it, but she respected it.

As she grew and obtained younger siblings she got what she always wanted, a sister. Ah the joys of tormenting brothers.  She and Meph could often be found with their heads close together giggling in plotful delight.  Soon after a sibling would often find themselves on the wrong side of a prank. Except Barrow.  They would rarely pull a prank on Barrow because sometimes after a successful venture an unwelcome visitor would sneak up on them in the depths of the night and scare their ears right off.  They learned quickly that Barrow's sense of humor was different.

Everyone in their family seemed to have something that interested them. Henerey loved sparklies, Meph her songs, Tad his jinglies, Bren his bags of stuff and so on.  Bob didn't put much stock in any of this.  Loud shiny things slowed her down when she wanted to sneak.  So usually Bob didn't carry much.  Of course, for a Phookik, not much still meant several bags of stuff.  Odds and ends of stuff, just not bags and bags like her brother Bren was eternally hauling around.  Bob didn't discover her weakness for something until they left home and entered the world outside the Unseelie Court.

Henerey got the great idea for the PNE.  What fun!  Mama thought it a great idea and sent her family out into the world to explore and prosper.  Before leaving she whispered many things to Bob, one of which is to make sure Henerey keeps his ears on straight when leading the family.  Mama loved her sons, all of them, but still didn't put much stock in males.  So while Henerey leads the family and takes them all on fabulous adventures, Bob still keep an eye on him, just like mama said to do.

Once out into the world at large Bob learned quickly about another type of power; Money.  Not the kinds of currency exchanged in the Unseelie court but gold, silver and coppers.  In the outside world that's what really makes the world go around.  Gold was so pretty and so useful.  Henerey could have all his sparklies, Bob wanted the gold.  She didn't so much care about what it could buy, but what it was.  She saw how people fought for it, died for it and competed for it.  Hence, it became interesting.  She collects gold.  She always knows the precise amount she has, how much it weighs and how it feels between the fingers.  She spends it if necessary, if the family needs anything but she's always happy when she gets more.

So now the PNE is out in the world.  As a rule Bob is fun-loving, energetic and happy.  But should the need arrive for business to be done, she and Bren are ready to roll.  It was how she was raised and how she lives.


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