Il Papa

Il Papa


Il Papa: He was the first born ( that lived ) of what was to be a small family group of Phookik whose eventual epiphanies would bring them out of the fey woods and into the world of -- well -- what ever this world is.

His first and twin sister, Barrow, was dead at birth true, but that didn't stop their mother, Mama Phookik, from loving him.  Born Henery VIII ( as in 8th boy named Henery ) he was raised with his ever growing family as the eldest, and hence the one who was destined to be the one he was destined to be.  

Brothers and sisters came and went, as they will tend to do in the Unseelie Court environment --most of the ones that lived long enough became craftsmen and bards and those things the court found useful.  Being useful meant they would keep you around a little longer and you could avoid being eaten.  Or worse.  Usually worse.   Tad was the last family member to enter the group, and as he was adopted by Mama, is considered to be a bit odd, but not so bad as a brother.  After all, Barrow had always been a little off, but she was great fun to have around to play those silly childish pranks that young sisters play -- like raising partially eaten enemies from the sides of battles to play with.  Tad has his talents, and was always and forever thought of as their "special brother."  The last born, the baby of the family, and Phookik challenged, if you know what I mean -- nudge nudge.

As for the pair Henry and Barrow, the pair soon discovered that their combined talents and wit could be of great usefulness to those with influence and the things Henery craved most - - - SPARKLIES!!! -- and Barrow?  She liked other stuff.  Mostly things she kept to herself.  The other kids never really could appreciate Barrow's sense of values, but heck!  If she  liked it, then she could play with it as long as she wanted.  What ever that means. 

Mama Phookik loved all of them in the way only a Mama Phookik could.  She taught them everything they needed to know in order to survive ( see Meph.'s "Book Of Wisdom.")  Their nursery rhymes were of the slightly grizzly sort, but what better way to teach survival talents?

When the time came, Mama Phookik sent them all into the world as a family unit, making Henery promise to take care of his brothers and sisters.

It was not long after that when Henery had the epiphany:  A new and advanced cultural development, worthy of only his wit and Barrow's dedication to an ideal. MAKE MONEY FROM PEOPLE BY SELLING OUR TALENTS AND USE THAT TO GET SPARKLIES!!!

He soon enlisted the support of the brothers and sisters and formed the PNE and as their spiritual guide and eldest brother, Henery took the title Il' Papa.  They all took one thing for true:  Il' Papa had a PLAN!  Tee-hee-tee-hee.

So now Il Papa counts the spoons, handles the business, and makes sure the family can stay as compatible as possible.  He is the hub of the quickly spinning wheel of his family.

(*And none of the PNE know who their fathers were.  Mama raised us, and we never asked.*)


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