Il Papa


Mephistophicles:  A 'middle' child, being somewhere between Il Papa and Grass in the grand scheme of birth order, Mephistopheles was named in honor of seven separate relatives who simultaneously were in the good favor of Mama. From a very small age she had a minor aptitude and interest for repetition of the beloved songs and tales that so filled and dominated family time, and Mama encouraged her to carry on the tradition of becoming one of those rare and wondrous beings - a Phookik Bard.

Learning with the assistance of varies aunts, uncles, great great great uncles, and seventh cousins twice removed, Meph learned as many stories and songs as she could cram into her head, as well as some truly unremarkable mediocrity with a variety of musical instruments. When mama was busy with any of the rest of the brood, it was to Meph that the unoccupied remainder would then turn for entertainment, sleepytime tales, and/or time-honored Phookik wisdom. She is very proud of her calling, and even when making errors and forgetting things, she still considers herself to be following a noble and time-honored tradition.

Her brothers and sisters may have had their individual obsessions through time - sparklies, shineys, bright colors, complicated explosions, glitter, glitz, fame, fortune, and/or (ah! ah! ah! ah!) stayin alive, but Meph's focus remained fixed upon the acquisition and repetition of stories, songs, and good ideas. Secondary to that comes staring blankly at lovely things, and a rampant desire to not offend people.

Meph considers Bob to be her closest sibling - the twinship with Bren notwithstanding. It's great to have a sister, and it's equally great to plot against the boys whenever possible.

The center of Meph's universe is her family. She believes that the family, it's unity, sucess, and good times are the most important part of life in this world. She would do anything for her family, and cannot bear to ever be without them. Her greatest fear remains separation from the family, and her devotion to Il Papa and his excellent wisdom and cleverness is absolute. She knows that he is looking out for the TEAM, and she'll do anything he says, flatter him continuously, and basically work hard to make him happy.

It is worth noting indeed that Meph is a very Gullible young lady. She tends to take tales at face value, and go with the flow of the company she keeps as far as her feelings towards things. A complete bleeding heart, she is a sucker for a tale of woe and will feel immediately sorry for just about anyone provided she hears a story about their hardships. She has difficulty staying angry, and an obsessive need to compromise. She has a tendency to exaggerate, and while she strives to get to know the truth of a matter, she is not necessarily often quite bright enough, honestly, to find it, and will make things up to disguise her occasional ignorance. This is not lying, it is creative license - a bards prerogative.

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