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We at the Phookik Nation Emporium (PNE) are pleased to present this page of wonders, oddities, cleverness, amusement, and otherwise pleasant good fun for the consumption of all browsers, passersby, and even persons accidentally relocated to our Official International Website Location Place as a result of terrible accidents involving small rodents, momentary lapses of sanity, medical conditions, or sheer bad luck. Please find herein contained a number of delightfully enlightening options on which to spend your time.


What is the PNE, you ask? We are a hard working, fun loving, family organization. In addition to being siblings on a mission, we are also crafts-phookik with a broad variety of marketable skills. The PNE, under the management of the eldest brother, known as Il Papa, strives to provide healthy and happy productivity, products, services, and entertainment to our newfound home town of Scarborough, Tir Anwar. There are several special divisions of the PNE, and each of us has a specialty or three to contribute to the health, wealth, and happiness of our family.


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