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You can see much more clearly when nothing is in the way.


The wavier the water, the deeper it goes.


Rocks don't swim, don't try to teach them.


Monsters are bad.


If you see trouble coming, you have already been standing around too long.


A crooked ear hears something.


Never play with alchemy in the dark, because you can't see it.


Watch for falling rocks.


Turning the tables beats musical chairs.


Don't drink the ones without labels, even if you can't read.


A string is just a string. (usually.)


If I can see you can't see me, then you can see I can see you can't see me too.


Things that waste time:
  Thinking too much
  Arguing with the wrong people  (especially stupid ones)
  Getting Hurt
  Singing to trees
  Learning anything boring
  Doing anything boring
  Being bored
  Trying to avoid chores
  Looking for trouble
  and Nosepicking


Even monsters get eaten by worms, so dont eat a worm next time you see one, you might need to call in a favor later.


Obvious is only for people who are too busy thinking they're smart to notice that it isn't, and they aren't.


People in a painting can't see each other.


Eventually is soon enough.


You can catch more flies with manure than honey.


A blind person can't see reason.


The bigger the cake, the more frosting.


Tuppence is better than nuppence.


If we weren't meant to want gold it wouldn't be pretty.


Never waste good doubt on your family, you never know when you might need it.


Cute things almost always grow out of it.


There are no such things as enemies, just friends who don't know it yet. And monsters too.


Do unto others as you would have others done to by you.


Every time I catch you in a lie, monkeydemonmonsterhags eat a Phookik baby pie.


The mud goes on the outside of the shoe.


Rats don't fetch, they keep.


One man's tragedy is another man's comedy, so laugh before someone beats you to it.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you should too - you might learn something.


If you hit someone with a lightning bolt... a sock will stick to their head.


Only pin a tree if you are absolutely totally sure it is trying to run away.


Walk softly and carry a big fish.


The oldest is wisest, cause only the wisest get oldest.


The more, the messier.


People who don't hug are like fish that don't jump ~ they've GOTTA be suffocating.


Home is where the Momma is.


Nobody chops off helping hands.


It doesn't matter where you look, you're still going to miss most of what's going on.


Water doesn't have to flow downhill underground.


Always keep up on your napping.


It is bad manners to give the guest the cold iron teacup.


The less sense you're making the more sense you're keeping.


If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.


Arrows may go farther, but daggers can turn corners.


Dead at least isn't sick anymore.


Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear, because if it comes out the other side, you've just told someone something you probably didn't want them to know.


If both shoes fit, wear them both.


Never joke with dragons. Flaming belly laughs burn you up just as fast and a good comedian is too precious to waste.


Don't trust a three legged chicken - it can run faster than you.


Clever babies don't get fed to faeries.


The size of the brain is inversely proportionate to the size of the teeth.  That means the bigger something's teeth are, the more space in its head is wasted on chewing instead of cogitation. Cogitating means thinking.  Basically, don't bother arguing with something with bigger teeth than you, cause even if you win, you lose.

Alligators are dumb.


The best place to hide something must be, or someone would have found it by now.


Always talk right, it keeps you going in circles.


  Who's there?
  Keep your eyes on who?


  Who's there?
  Don who?


Overkill is better than underkill if you're gonna kill.


An ill wind gathers no moss.




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