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Phookik Artisan Services:

Quality steel armor, weaponry, and miscellany. Fantastically refreshing potions and alchemical compounds of the highest caliber. Spell and recipe scribing. Anything you could possibly want made or manufactured, the PNE can do it! Speak to Il Papa, he's the manager of all business related transactions, not to mention the best public speaker of the crew.

Phookik Extraction Specialist Team  (P.E.S.T)

A subdivision devoted entirely to combat rescue missions, the Phookik Extraction Specialist Team jumps into the back of battle, hauls out the wounded and dead in a big hurry and causing as small a disturbance as possible, puts them back together, and sends the now-working bodies back up to get back into the fray! As the fame of this subgroup grows, soon warriors on the field of battle will no longer cry "MEDIC!" but rather... "PEST!"

PNE Hire-A-Hand  (H.A.H.)

Need a floor swept? A message delivered? Rumor started? Check with a Phookik, chances are they're headed that way, and would be more than happy to lend a helping hand, because as the Proverbium Phookik admonishes: "Nobody chops off helping hands."


*please note: H.A.H. contracts always include a minimum   of 2 Phookik

PNE Specialists  (Top Secret Secret Toppers)

Need a secret kept? For a small and nominal fee, your friendly neighborhood PNE is utterly capable of keeping quiet about any secret you care to mention, whatsoever. For a small surcharge, the PNE is capable of forgetting all about things on the spot! Look into this great and useful bargain today!


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